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Engine Governors

Electric Governing

Advantages of Electric Governing
 • High reliability
 • Versatile – Selectable Isochronous or Droop Governing Modes
• Flexible – Capable of Constant or Remote Variable Speed Control
• Precision – Minimum Steady State Accuracy + ¼%
 • Ease of Maintenance

Typical Applications
 • Generator Sets
 • Pump/Compressor Sets
 • Industrial Vehicles
• Ground support Equipment
• Marine Propulsion
 • Cranes

Electric Actuators
• A simple proportional electromagnetic throttle positioning device.
• The rotary armatures assemblies rotate on self-lubricated bearings
• An output lever converts rotary motion to linear throttle positioning.
• Torque outputs from 1 thru 5 lb-ft of torque.

 Electronic Speed Control Units
 • Solid state controllers.
 • Engine speed is adjusted by varying the electric current to the actuator.
 • Only two adjustments, stability and gain, required to optimize performance.
• Speed droop can be selected.

Magnetic Pick-ups
 • Speed sensing transducers available in various lengths.
 • Mounted in the flywheel bellhousing.
• Transducer senses the number of gear teeth passing its tip and send the signal to the speed control unit
• No moving parts.